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Lesson 3 : Taking Care of Art / Part 2: Caretakers

Caretakers' Roles

Museum staff use special techniques, equipment and facilities to store the artworks in their collections.

Museums install special instruments (called hygrothermographs) to monitor the humidity and temperature within exhibition spaces.

Scientists use special equipment, such as a polariscope, a video camera equipped with an infra red filter, and X-rays, to investigate features of artworks that are not visible to the naked eye.

When funds were needed to care for Arizona State University's Southwest Pieta, a successful grant was written to Save Outdoor Sculpture to bring in a conservator to examine it.

Just a few of an art conservator's tasks include researching the artist's original intentions, collecting samples for chemical analysis, identifying structural damage, assessing the environment of an artwork, and making recommendations for restoring and protecting that artwork.

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