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Lesson 3 : Taking Care of Art / Part 1: Threatened Treasures


After artists complete their work, others continue to work to take care of the art that matters to them. Gallery owners, art dealers, private collectors, art critics, community leaders, art historians, museum curators, art teachers, and museum guards are just a few of the people whose efforts play a role in keeping treasured artworks safe.

This is the print shop where Luis Jiménez' Southwest Pieta print was made.

The master printer who publishes some of Luis Jiménez' lithographs stores them and shows them to would-be collectors.

A museum curator advises a collector on the potential damage of bright light on her Jiménez print.

Teachers examine the Southwest Pieta up close before introducing the sculpture to their elementary and secondary students.

To discourage people from climbing on the Southwest Pieta in Albuquerque, a fence and a moat of cacti surround it and it is installed on a high pedestal.