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Lesson Two: Tools and Materials


Luis Jiménez worked for years developing his image for the Southwest Pieta. He made a small model.

When he drew his image to make the lithographic print the process reversed the image. For example you can see that the woman's head hangs down to the left in the model but to the right in the print.

After Jiménez has developed and refined his image, he begins working with tools and materials to make his final sculpture a physical reality.

For centuries sculptors have used molds to make more than one cast of their work. Jiménez prefers this process because he is able to get his ideas out to more people.

Luis Jiménez has pioneered a way to make several sculptures using fiberglass. Once he has made his mold, he makes an artist proof for himself and then makes up to five casts from the mold. The artist is standing in front of three casts of the eagle part of this sculpture.