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Chicano Leaders

Rudolfo A. Anaya
Rudolfo A. Anaya is a Chicano leader and poet. About the installation of the Southwest Pieta in Albuquerque, he write: "It is appropriate that this sculpture will have our Albuquerque mountains as its background. The mountains incorporate our feelings as a community, and reconcile earth and sky. Both art and the earth remind us of the rich cultures of the Rio Grande Valley, and what each heritage has to lend to the other.

Southwest Pieta is a work of art, and it makes its own statement about life. As we individually react to it, we reinterpret our own esthetic sensibility and enrich our lives. As it rekindles our feelings of love and grief, it makes us more human" (1993, p. A-5)."

Gary Keller Cárdenas
Gary Keller Cárdenas is Regents Professor and Director of Arizona State University's Hispanic Research Center where he is also the director of the Bilibingual Press. He is an avid collector of Chicana/o art and a strong supporter of the Chicana/o art market. Keller Cárdenas has coordinating, edited, and co-authored the first major encyclopedic volume of prominent and emerging Chicana and Chicano artists in the United States.

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Not only is the Southwest Pieta print in his private collection, Gary Keller Cárdenas worked with Luis Jiménez and Joe Segura to commission an edition of 100 lithographs called Cholo and Van with Popo and Ixta. In that print Jiménez once again features the tragic Aztec legend of Popocatepetl and Ixtacihuatl, who are said to have been transformed after death into two mountains near Mexico City. This time, however, they appear in the form of painted decoration on the side of a van driven by a tattooed Chicano cholo, or tough guy.