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Student Art : High School

Roxanna May-Thayer’s students at César Chávez High School followed the "Treasure Box" activity track. These are some of their artworks:

“The two different colors of the interlocking spirals on the treasure box represent my twin sister and I. She is part of me.”
“My treasure box is covered with earth symbols. The earth is a treasure we should all take care off.”
“My treasure box is designed for my grandfather’s rosary that was given to me when he passed away.”
“My treasure box is in the shape of a unicycle. I started riding unicycles when I was seven years old.”
“The teddy bear on my treasure jar represents my little brother’s pillow. It is a comfort to him.”
“The Mayan pyramid and the cross on top symbolize my religion and culture that my grandparents have emphasized since I was very young.”
“ The trees on my treasure box symbolize the growth I am experiencing right now in my life.”
“My treasure box shows the moon and the sun and clouds to represent day and night. I want to spend everyday and night with my family.”