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Lesson 4 : Many Viewpoints / Part 2: Do you care?

What do you care about?

What is a priceless treasure to one person may be insignificant or even trash to someone else.

Gigantic sculptures of Buddha that had stood for fifteen hundred years along the ancient silk road in Afghanistan were monuments of great artistic, cultural, and spiritual significance to some. Some cultural organizations were making efforts to restore and protect them as important world heritage sites. But for the Taliban, which ruled that country in 2001, the sculptures were intolerable idols.

So they planted explosives and attacked the sculptures with fighter planes to demolish them.

Sometimes momentos are found on the pedestal of the Southwest Pieta or tucked into a crack. Among them is this poignant love note pleading "Please don't leave me. Please don't leave me. Please don't leave me." Who knows whether the plea succeeded? Did they get back together? Was their love cherished and maintained? Or has it crumbled in ruins?

As an officially designated national historic treasure and with the commitment shown by Arizona State University, the near future of two casts of the Southwest Pieta seem secure. However the ultimate fate of Luis Jiménez' Southwest Pieta and other art treasures is unknown.

· Do you care enough to make sure this sculpture is taken care of?

· If not the Southwest Pieta, what would you like to see conserved for the future?

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