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Lesson 4 : Many Viewpoints / Part 1: Controversy

Campus Controversy

People protested when the second cast of the Southwest Pieta was installed at the entrance of the Student Recreation Center on the campus of Arizona State University.

Although Jiménez tends to exaggerate facial features in all his sculptures, some viewers find the features of the woman of the Southwest Pieta particularly unpleasant and wonder whether the artist is expressing something negative about women in general.

Some viewers who are familiar with Michelangelo's famous Pieta of the Virgin Mary and Jesus may be unaware of the even older pieta theme that refers to sorrow in general. Such viewers sometimes perceive the sculpture to be sacrilegious.

Even in its present location, where it is generally accepted and a favorite among many arts students, some Hispanic voices have been heard objecting that it should have been installed more prominently in front of the art museum on a main street, rather than on the back side of the museum facing campus.