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Jiménez and Other Artists

Luis Jiménez
Jiménez has said "I like to take images from popular culture and execute them in materials associated more with amusement parks than fine art museums. …. As a result I am able to express the truths that are already out there" (Flores-Turney, 1997, p. 18).

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Joe Segura
Joe Segura is the master printer and publisher of the Southwest Pieta lithograph. He explained his commitment to Jiménez work this way: "The biggest reason that I chose to become a print publisher is that I have always loved the idea of printmaking as an art form-its ability to be more democratic, its history of craftsmanship and collaboration, its inherent alchemist qualities, and that it creates an opportunity for the artist to speak to a larger audience. Printmaking also gives me, the publisher, and the artists that we are so privileged to work with, a collective collaborative voice to articulate the ideas we feel are important" (Segura Publishing Company, 1997, n. p.).

A publication of the Segura Publishing Company includes the following comments about Jiménez and his work: "Luis Jiménez leaves no doubt about his ethnic identity. 'I'm Chicano,' he says, with the same firm matter-of-factness with which he expresses many of his thoughts and feelings. In many ways, his work embodies what Chicano scholars have identified as a Chicano sensibility and aesthetic. His sculptural heroes are proud, his palette flashy, his imagery loud. He is at home with sentiment and narrative. Ritual is essential to him. So is a voluptuous, rambunctious sensuality combined with a stark awareness of cruelty and death" (Segura Publishing Company, 1997, n. p.).

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Jesús Moroles
As a young man, Jesús Moroles, a prominent Mexican America sculptor, worked for a year as an apprentice in Luis Jiménez' studio. Moroles writes: "I feel like in that one year I was able to gain so much experience just by osmosis, by being around him, doing the same galleries, the same exhibitions, the same museums, the same gallery talks, museum talks, transporting, shipping, work ethic, everything he did that translated into what I wanted to do" (1999, p. 29-30).

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