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Pat Villeneuve
Pat Villeneuve, curator of education at the Spencer Museum of Art, University of Kansas, appreciates that the museum has two- and three-dimensional works by Jiménez in its collection. "His works have a contemporary appeal for many audiences, and it's fascinating to see how his distinctive style translates from sculpture to printmaking."

Mary Erickson
Mary Erickson is Professor of Art in the School of Art at Arizona State University Like Joe Segura, she first became fascinated with the work of Luis Jiménez when his work appeared on the cover of Art in America in the mid 1970s. Erickson and Gary Keller-Cárdenas, with the support from the J. Paul Getty Trust, have developed an online art education resource called Chicana and Chicano Space. When she and Gary Keller-Cárdenas began to develop their online art education resource, they visited Segura Publishing. The Southwest Pieta was the first work they selected to incorporate. At that time Keller Cárdenas purchased the last print of the Southwest Pieta edition and Erickson purchased the 39th printout of an edition of 80, called Chula. Chula, or Sweetie, was the name of Jiménez pet raven. As a long-time admirer of Jiménez' work and someone who lives with two pet birds, she was particularly attracted to the subject matter.

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