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Taking Care of My Art

This journal assignment should demonstrate your ability to:
· Identify questions or problems about taking care of your own art.

Lesson Three introduces the following topics about taking care of the art of Luis Jiménez:

A. Threats from People
B. Threats from Nature
C. Assessing Condition
D. Restoration
E. Protection

Think about your experience with taking care of your own art. Try to consider both two-dimensional and three-dimensional work. How do each of the five topics apply to your art.

After you've thought about what you've learned from your own experience, think of questions you still have or problems you're still working on. For example for the first topic:

  • Have I ever accidentally damaged my own art? How?
  • Who has access to my artwork where it is stored or displayed, or transported?
  • Who might accidentally (or intentionally) damage it in these locations?

After thinking about all five topics, choose one (other than A) to write about in your journal.

Journal Entry Checklist
I included:

1. My topic (B, C, D. or E)
2. What I've learned from my own experience about this topic
3. A question related to this topic that I still wonder about or a problem that I'm working on
4. Other thoughts I have about taking care of my own artwork

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