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Track: Treasure Box

Taking Care of My Art

This journal assignment should demonstrate your ability to:
· Identify questions or concerns about taking care of your own art.

Lesson Three introduced threats to treasures and ways to protect against damage. Making a container is one way to protect a treasure. In museums treasures are sometimes protected in display cases.

  • Examine your treasure very carefully. Look for any signs of deterioration or repair.
  • Where is your treasure usually stored or displayed?
  • Has anyone, besides you, had possession of it?
  • Has it been moved?
  • From what threats will your box protect your treasure?
  • If your treasure is an idea rather than a physical object, threats are likely to be more social, political, economic, etc. Think about how your container can help support and preserve the idea in some way.

Look back at the experiments you reported in Lesson Two.

  • Are they still in excellent condition?
  • If not, how have they deteriorated?
  • What do you think caused the damage?

Next think about the Treasure Box you are making, What can you do to adapt or improve your container so that it will be more likely to stay in good condition longer?

Continue to plan how to construct or decorate your Treasure Box. Or begin construction of your final Treasure Box.

I included:

  1. Observations of the condition of my treasure
  2. Observations of the condition of my Lesson Two experiments
  3. Diagrams or sketches of at least two views of my Treasure Box (for example top, right side, front, or back views)
    (OPTIONAL) Refined or new sketch of box decoration
  4. Question or problem I'm still working on

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