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My Ideas and Images Journal Assignment

This journal assignment should demonstrate your ability to:
· Identify sources of ideas and images for your own art.
· Ask questions about where ideas and images for art come from.

Below is a list of topics about how artists get ideas and develop images. Lesson One explains these topics as they apply to the art of Luis Jiménez.

A. Sketches and Preliminary Drawings
B. Memories
C. Art in the Family
D. Art Influences
E. Planning with Others
F. Theme or Big Idea (such as Sorrow)
G. Legends or Symbols

Consider how each topic can apply to your art. Ask yourself what your own experience has been. For example for the first topic, using sketches and preliminary drawings, you could ask:

  • Have I ever done any?
  • How well did the drawings or sketches work to help me make a successful final artwork?

After you've thought about what you have learned from your own experience, think of questions you still have or problems you're still working on. For example for the first topic, you might ask yourself:

  • Would my last artwork have been improved if I had made preliminary sketches?
  • What aspects of my next artwork might benefit from preliminary sketches?
  • What kinds of sketches are most helpful in developing ideas for different media, such as painting, printmaking, or plaster carving?

After thinking about all seven topics in relation to your art, choose one (other than A) to write about in your journal.

Journal Entry Checklist
I included:

  1. My topic (B, C, D, E, F, or G)
  2. What I've learned about this topic from my own experience
  3. A question related to this topic that I still wonder about or a problem that I'm working on
  4. Other thoughts about places I might go to for images or ideas for my art

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