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Welcome Student

The four lessons in this program help you explore 1) where artists get ideas, 2) processes artists use, 3) challenges of taking care of art, and 4) why people don't always agree about the value of art.

Before you begin the lessons, you need to understand the theme of the program, Treasures.

You also need to understand what inquiry means and why it is a good way to learn.

After reading the two introductions, click on Ideas and Images to begin the first lesson.

Your teacher will tell you which activity Track to follow. When you reach the end of each lesson, you will click on your assigned Track. You can preview all the assignments by clicking on your assigned Track on the left side of this page. Your teacher will also tell you when each assignment on your Track is due.

You can return to this page at anytime by clicking on the bird banner at the top of any page.