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Lesson 1 : Images and Ideas

Art in the Family

When he was a young artist in Mexico, Luis' father received an art scholarship. He made a plaster portrait head of his son when Luis was a boy.

He drew a portrait of Luis' mother when she was a young woman.

However, hard times did not allow him to pursue art as a career. He supported his family making signs. Luis remembers helping his father make this polar bear when Luis was only six years old. The bear was once surrounded by many-colored arches of neon depicting the northern lights.

When he was 16, Luis worked with his father making this restaurant sign, once covered with neon and equipped to crow like a rooster on the hour.

Luis Jiménez' early work with his father gave him experience making what might be called public sculptures. Many years later Jiménez still thinks of himself as a working-class artist who makes public art.