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Viewpoints on My Art

This journal assignment should demonstrate your ability to:
· Explain how you and others can understand and value your artwork differently.
· Ask questions about different viewpoints on your art.

A viewpoint is the way individuals look at the world because of their experience. Every individual's viewpoint is influenced by many factors, such as one's age, gender, ethnic traditions, economic level, education, political convictions, religious beliefs, etc. Lesson Four introduces diverse viewpoints about the art of Luis Jiménez. Below are four topics related to viewpoints on art:

A. Artist's Intentions
B. Positive Viewpoints (Held by people who are most likely to understand and appreciate a certain type of art)
C. Negative Viewpoints (Held by people who are least likely to understand and appreciate a certain type of art)
D. Priorities for Conservation (What art is most important to conserve when time, money, and effort for conservation are limited)

Journal Entry Checklist
Think about your own viewpoint on your own art.

  • Why are you more interested in making one sort of art more than another?
  • What goals do you have when you make art?

Consider how other people perceive your art from different viewpoints. Think about how each of the four topics relates to your art.

After you've thought about what you've learned from your own experience, think of questions you still have or problems you're still working on. For example for the first topic:

  • Have I ever changed my mind about what I was trying to do as I worked on an art project?
  • Of all the art I've made in art class, what assignment has been closest to my own interests?
  • What has motivated me to make art outside of school?
  • Have I ever made an artwork that failed to meet my goals?
  • Have I ever succeeded in doing more than I originally intended in my art?

Choose one topic (other than A) to write about in your journal.

Journal Entry Checklist
I included:

1. My topic (B, C, D. or E)
2. What I've learned from my experience with this topic
3. A question related to this topic that I still wonder about or a problem that I'm working on
4. Other thoughts I have about different viewpoints on my art

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