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Viewpoints on My Art

This journal assignment should demonstrate your ability to:
· Take into account both your own and others' viewpoints as you decide how to make your art.
· Ask questions about different viewpoints on your art.

Getting Started
A viewpoint is the way individuals look at the world because of their experience. Individuals' viewpoints are affected by many things, including their age, ethnicity, gender, culture, education, religion, economic status, political convictions, and much more.

As you continue and eventually complete your Treasure Box, think about who will have a chance to see it. In addition to yourself, your classmates are likely to see the work, and also your teacher. It's possible that the work might even be displayed in the school or at an art show, where more people can see it. Are there friends or family or others whose opinion of your artwork you care about?

  • How do you think your Treasure Box reflects your viewpoint on the world? (for example your gender, age, ethnicity, religious or political beliefs, etc.?)
  • Who do you think will best appreciate and understand your Treasure Box? Why?
  • As you've been working on your box, have you thought about how anyone else might view it?
  • If you're not yet finished, are there ways you might modify your box so that others are more likely to see in it what you want to express?
  • Who do you think might not appreciate or understand your artwork very well? Why?

I included:

  1. One or more ways that my Treasure Box reflects my own viewpoint.
  2. Description of the viewpoint of someone who I think will understand and appreciate my Treasure Box and why.
  3. Description of the viewpoint of someone I think might not so well appreciate or understand my Treasure Box and explanation of why not.
  4. One or two people I'd like to understand and appreciate my Treasure Box.
  5. Questions I could ask to find out about how different people are likely to respond to my Treasure Box.

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