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My Tools and Materials Journal Assignment

This journal assignment should demonstrate your ability to:
· Analyze the use of tools, materials, and processes in a medium or project.
· Ask questions about tools, materials, and processes you use in art making.

Lesson Two introduces the tools, materials, and processes Luis Jiménez uses to make his painted fiberglass cast sculptures.

Tools (and equipment) are the things artists use to make art that are not used up in the process, such as, hammers, brushes, software, kilns, presses, cameras, etc.

Materials (or supplies) are used up in the art making process and are usually (but not always) part of the final artwork. Examples of art materials are paper, clay, canvas, paint, plaster, glue, wood, film, pencils, etc.

Processes are the steps that artists use to make art. For example steps in the photography process are:

  1. loading film in camera
  2. shooting pictures
  3. rewinding and removing film
  4. developing film
  5. printing photographs

Choose one project or art medium to think about. Ask yourself what your experience has been with tools, with materials, and with processes in that project or medium.

Next, think of questions you still have or problems you're still working on. For example for tools:

  • What is my favorite art tool? Why?
  • What computer graphics tools would I like to work more with? Why?
  • What effect do I have a difficult time achieving with what kind of tool?

Then choose either tools, materials, or processes as the topic to write about in your journal.

Journal Entry Checklist
I included:

  1. Name of art medium or art project
  2. My topic (Tools, Materials, or Processes)
  3. What I've learned about this topic from working with the medium I picked
  4. A question related to this topic that I still wonder about or a problem that I'm working on
  5. Other thoughts I have about tools, materials, or processes I'd like to use in future art making

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