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Track: Treasure Box

Tools and Materials Journal Assignment

This journal assignment should demonstrate your ability to:
· Analyze tools, materials, and processes used to make art.
· Experiment with tools, materials, and processes to discover visual effects.

· Identify questions or problems in your own art making.

Getting Started
Your teacher may limit your choice of tools, materials, and processes, and, therefore, may change this assignment.
Review the ideas and shapes you considered for your Treasure Box in Lesson One. Experiment with tools, materials, and processes to construct your Treasure Box. For example you can make a box by:

Also experiment with tools, materials, and processes you might use to decorate your treasure box.

I included:

  1. My idea from Lesson One or my new idea
  2. (OPTIONAL) New sketch for the shape of my box
  3. Sketch of my idea for decorating my treasure box
  4. Sample experiments with different tools and/or materials
  5. What I learned through my experimentation
  6. List of tools and materials I've decided to use to make my Treasure Box
  7. A question or problem I'm still working on

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