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Ideas and Images Journal Assignment

This journal assignment should demonstrate your ability to:
· Interpret the meaning or main idea of an artwork.
· Ask questions about where ideas and images for art come from.

Write about the following items in your journal:

  1. What subject matter details in the Southwest Pieta (if any) did you miss the first time you saw the artwork?
  2. What other tragic love stories do you know-from books, movies, TV, or elsewhere?
  3. What visual clues (subject matter, symbols, colors, shapes, etc.) help you understand what the sculpture means?
  4. Write your own interpretation of the Southwest Pieta by completing one of the following sentences:
    I think the Southwest Pieta is about….
    I think the message of the Southwest Pieta is ….
  5. What question would you like to ask Luis Jiménez about how he got his idea for the Southwest Pieta or another artwork?

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