Liza Bergman's students at Estrella Middle School in the Cartwright Elementary School District completed environmental sculptures as part of the Images of Me unit.


My sculpture represents the bond between my mom and I, and that we do everything together. When I'm alone with my Mom I don't have to worry about my problems.
My sculpture represents my role as son and grandson. I like to play soccer because my dad and grandpa used to play. I play with a team of friends. I feel good about myself when I play well.
My sculpture represents the role I play as peacemaker. The fire on the right is the hatred of people. The cross of sequins shows my belief in God and his desire for peace for the world rather than fighting. Since my favorite animal is the dolphin, I have become one in my sculpture and I'm coming on flowing waves to put out the hatred in the world.
My sculpture represents how strongly I believe in my religion. It shows the role I play as a Christian. When I play this role I have to behave myself and I pray to God.

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