In the Images of Me, there is a recommended sequence of four lessons. Each lesson includes several coordinated activities requiring several class sessions for instruction. You can adopt the lessons as written, or use the lessons as starting points for developing your own lessons. You may want to adapt the lessons in order to use your own teaching strengths, or to better address the interests of your students and your community.

Lesson One: Who am I?
Students are introduced to the unit theme of identity, drawing on examples from their own lives. They use several broad identity themes to help them interpret artworks by four Chicana/o artists. The lesson concludes with students brainstorming characteristics of their own identity that they might use in constructing sculptures that express various aspects of themselves.

Lesson Two: Mass and Space
Students view a variety of sculptures analyzing how space and mass interact in each and how sculptors make choices about mass and space to express meaning in their art. Students make small three-dimensional sketches experimenting with mass and space and with construction techniques.

Lesson Three: Refining Ideas and Making Choices
Students consider images they might use to express aspects of themselves. They review and refine their ideas for sculptures, considering whether to depict a figure (or object) in action or involved in an event, whether to construct an environment, or whether to work symbolically (without a figure). They select materials and construction techniques and begin making their sculptures.

Lesson Four: Completing Sculptures
Students complete their sculptures. They write titles for their sculptures and exhibit them.

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