What general ideas does this artwork share with others?

What general idea(s) about my identity do I want my artwork to express?

Sensory Elements:
What masses (three-dimensional forms) and spaces do I see?

What masses and spaces do I want to use in my artwork?

Technical Features:
What processes did the artist use to make the artwork?

What processes do I want to use as I make my artwork?

Why an Inquiry-Based Approach?
Inquiry-based learning and teaching:
  • puts control and direction in the hands of the learner
  • provides focus for comparison and generalization
  • guides investigation into the unknown
  • stimulates imagination about possibilities

Because of the cultural and sensory richness and diversity if artworks, inquiry about art is an excellent means through which to develop higher order thinking skills, which, in turn, can be transferred across the curriculum. Inquiry in art is importantly connected to inquiry in life.

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