Language Arts
Art teachers might coordinate with language arts teachers to extend Lesson One: Who Am I? to include essays on self identities: where they come from and how they evolve.

Art teachers on their own, or working with language arts teachers, might extend Lesson Four: Completing Sculptures by asking students to work individually or in groups to write interpretations of classmates' sculptures. Reviews of student exhibitions might be submitted for publication in the school newspaper, television programming, or website.

Social Studies
Art teachers might build connections to social studies by investigating traditional symbols (for example, heraldry, flags, and emblems) used to express national or cultural identity through time or across the globe.

In cooperation with social studies teachers, students might explore evolving community identity through visits to local museums, cultural centers, or historical societies.

Industrial Arts
Art teachers and industrial arts teachers might cooperate in exploring construction techniques in metal and wood.

Media Studies
Students might produce video presentations of completed sculptures highlighting interesting relationships of mass and space as evident from various angles of view.

As an introductory or extension activity students might shoot video essays featuring objects in and around school with interesting relationships between mass and space.

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