Roxanna May-Thayer's students at South Mountain High School in the Phoenix Union School District completed the Images of Me unit by making sculptures expressing the theme of "Transformation and Identity." Several sculptures are shown from more than one point of view.

Click on each image to see a larger reproduction and a student statement about the work.

The many sided figure represents the circle of life and the body represents a human being trying to reach outside goals.

My sculpture shows how we can be what we want to be. We are like a flower because if you take care of it, you can see it grow up. The hands represent the people who help you to grow up.
My sculpture shows a boat escaping from house-shaped piranhas. It reflects me trying to get away from home, school, problems, and to do what I want and be me.
My sculpture is filled with symbols of what is important in my life. They show the roles I play within my family.
My sculpture of a figure in a tornado shows how I learn from my mistakes.
My sculpture shows many facets of me.
My sculpture shows people holding each other and love with each other.
My sculpture of a human body on top of a bird shows me flying, liking to be outside, to travel, and to be far away. I imagine myself graduating from Notre Dame, being either a pilot or an engineer, making a lot of money, owning a hummer.
My coin has two sides with two expressions. At work I have to act more sophisticated and I have to always smile and hold all of my anger in. I feel like I change into another person sometimes because I am more polite and generous than at school.
The eagle half of my project represents the part in us that wants to be free and unruly, while the human part is civilized and also wants to be free but both of us are chained up by the world.

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