Grade Level Abilities

Images of Me was planned for middle school and high school students, though elementary teachers will find objectives and activities they can adapt for younger students. The "moveable" reproductions of sculptures will interest viewers of all ages.

The unit addresses at least one ability in each of the ability areas listed below, as presented in Scope and Sequence: A Guide for Learning and Teaching in Art, posted on the Getty Education Institute for the Arts' ArtsEdNet:
  • Personal Expression in Art Making (Level 3)
  • Ideas for Art Making (Level 3)
  • Organization of Visual Elements in Art Making (Levels 3 & 4)
  • Flexibility in Art Making (Level 3)
  • Materials and Technologies in Art Making ((Levels 3 & 4)
  • Presentation and Critique in Art Making (Level 3)
  • Historical and Cultural Understanding of Artworks (Levels 3 & 4)
  • Styles, Influences and Themes in Art (Level 4)
  • Interpretation of Artworks (Level 3)

Click here to see a complete list of ability areas. Then click on any of the 18 ability areas to see specific abilities for Middle School and High School (as well as for Lower Elementary and Upper Elementary Grade Levels). Even though middle school students can master the abilities listed for Level 3, those abilities are also appropriate for older students, especially if those students have had no prior experience with the abilities.

National Visual Arts Standards
All the specific abilities listed in each ability area at all four levels has been coded to specific Content Standards from the National Standards for Visual Arts Education.

Each of the four lessons in Images of Me includes an assessment guide. Teacher will want to adapt the guide to suit the age level and prior experience of their students.

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