Gary Keller Cárdenas and Mary Erickson are co-directors of the project to add Quicktime Virtual Reality reproductions to Chicana and Chicano Space. Dr. Keller is Regents Professor and Director of Arizona State University's Hispanic Research Center. His leadership and support made this project possible. He planned presentations and interviews with artists, and served as the main author/editor for cultural content in the project. Mary Erickson was the primary author of Images of Me.

Michael J. Sullivan, the Hispanic Research Center's Director of High Technology Initiatives, together with Jo Ann Briseño, and David Martínez, Web developers, produced the Quicktime Virtual Reality reproductions and designed the Web site. Lisza Jaurigue created the icons for the unit.

Liza Bergman and Roxanna May-Thayer, art teachers in South Mountain High School in the Phoenix Union School District and Estrella Middle School in the Cartwright Elementary School District respectively, field tested the Images of Me unit and contributed marvelous samples of high school and middle school artwork.

Susan Raymond, art teacher at Greenway Middle School in the Paradise Valley School District and Mario Mendia, art teacher at McKemey Middle School in the Tempe School District, together with Roxanna May-Thayer and Liza Bergman reviewed the Images of Me unit and offered wonderful suggestions for improving it.

Dan Collins, Associate Professor and Coordinator of the Freshmen Core Program at Arizona State University's School of Art, provided invaluable feedback to early versions of the Images of Me unit.

Dr. Louis Lankford, Des Les Foundation Endowed Professor at the University of Missouri-Saint Louis, provided encouragement and helpful suggestions or improving the unit.

Dr. Elizabeth Garber, Department of Art at the University of Arizona, contributed insightful recommendations focused on the political and cultural content of the unit.

Ester Hernández, Luis Jiménez, Gilbert Luján, Eva Pérez, Riley Roca, and Larry Yáñez provided meaningful information about their work through presentations, interviews, and/or detailed responses to surveys.

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