Artists make sculptures in many different ways. They use subtractive techniques, such as carving wood or stone, as well as additive techniques. Images of Me focuses on techniques through which artists construct artworks by assembling parts into a whole. Formats for constructed sculptures include free-standing, wall-mounted, suspended, shadowbox, and relief.

In Lesson Two: Mass and Space students experiment with several paper construction techniques focusing on 1) alternative ways to build a free-standing form, and 2) various options for organizing mass and space.

In Lesson Three: Refining Ideas and Making Choices students view a variety of three-dimensional artworks analyzing: 1) construction format (free-standing, wall-mounted, suspended, shadow box, relief, etc.), 2) construction techniques, and 3) construction materials. They make their own decisions about format, technique, and materials as they construct their own sculptures.

In Lesson Four: Completing Sculptures students complete sculptures using construction techniques.

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