We all ask and answer questions every day. Who am I? Where have I been? Where do I want to go? Is this particular thing or event important? What does it mean? Why did it happen? Can I do that? When we ask questions we begin to make discoveries about ourselves and others. Sometimes we discover that people disagree about answers. Sometimes we discover that different people's answers depend on their different viewpoints. Sometimes one question leads to more questions. Sometimes our curiosity leads us to try new things. In the end we find out that the information we discover often depends on the questions we ask.

Looking at art can bring up many questions for us to explore. Choosing questions can help us chart our own path of discovery in art making. Looking at and making art can lead to new discoveries about ourselves, others, and the world in which we live.
Curiosity helps us make and understand art.

Click here for four general questions we can ask as we study artworks and as we make our own art.

Each Chicana and Chicano Space unit focuses on selected specific inquiry questions.

The Protest and Persuasion unit inquires into:
The Images of Me unit inquires into:

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