Codex Borbonicus (facsimile consisting of the 14th folio)

  • Information about the Artwork
  • Information about the Artmaker
  • Contextual Information
  • Viewpoints for Interpretation
  • Connections Among Artworks

  • Date: The original Codex Borbonicus c. 1507, before the Spanish Conquest of Mexico, 1518-1521; a few scholars suggest it may have been created between 1522-1540, just after the Conquest of Mexico.

    Size: 15 1/2" high x 15 5/8" wide

    Collection of the Bibliotheque de l'Assemblee Nationale--Paris

    Larger view
    (87 K; 256 colors)
    Largest view
    (197 K; millions of colors).

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