Overview of Lessons

In the Protest and Persuasion thematic unit, there is a recommended sequence of five lessons with additional coordinated lessons. Before you begin the unit, decide whether you want to follow the printmaking or mural option option available in Lessons Two, Four, and Five.

You can adopt the lessons as written, or use the lessons as starting points for developing your own lessons. You may want to adapt the lessons in order to use your own teaching strengths, or to better address the interests of your students and your community.

  • Lesson One: Introduction to Protest and Persuasion

  • Lesson Two: Art for Protest and Persuasion (Printmaking and Mural Options)

  • Lesson Three: Shaping Ideas

  • Lesson Four: Who Sees Art? (Printmaking and Mural Options)

  • Lesson Five: Making Art that Matters (Printmaking and Mural Options)

  • Lesson Six: Considering Media and Meanings

  • Lesson Seven: Should Art Be for Art's Sake?

  • Lesson Eight: Printmaking and Murals Across Cultures

  • Interdisciplinary Ideas

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