Art Making Questions

Artworks only exist because someone makes them. Chicana and Chicano Space focuses on the decisions art makers face throughout the production process. Students select and develop art making ideas throughout the recommended sequence of lessons. These lessons culminate in a major art making activity in printmaking or mural making in lesson five.

Art Making Questions

  1. Beginning With Ideas: Why do I make art?

    1. My Ideas: What ideas come from me? (motivation, inspiration, aspiration, problem)
    2. Outside Ideas: What ideas come from the rest of the world? (other sources for ideas)


  2. Working With Choices: Which choices are most important to me?

    1. Sensory Choices: What sensory elements do I choose? Why?
    2. Formal Choices: How do I choose to organize the elements? Why?
    3. Technical Choices: What tools, materials, and processes do I choose? Why?
    4. Cultural Choices: How do my choices reflect the ideas, beliefs, and activities of my culture?
    5. Artworld Choices: What art ideas, beliefs, and activities do I choose and from whom have I learned them?


  3. Achieving Goals: When finished, did I succeed?

    1. Choosing A Goal: What was I trying to do? craftspersonship? expressiveness? form? historical or art historical significance? learning? originality? realism? utility or effectiveness? other?
    2. Evidence: What evidence is there that I met my goals? evidence in my artwork? evidence outside my artwork?
    3. Judgment: Did I do what I wanted to do?

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