A Thematic, Inquiry-Based Art Education Resource

This site is a resource for teachers, their students, and others interested in Chicana and Chicano art and culture. Chicana and Chicano Space presents over 25 Chicana/o and earlier artworks and detailed information about each, as well as thematic instructional units focused on these artworks. Some considerations in selecting the artworks have been relevance to significant themes, gender balance, geographic breadth, and historical range.

This Website is posted by the Hispanic Research Center at Arizona State University. The Project Directors are Dr. Gary Keller Cárdenas, Regents Professor and Director of the Hispanic Research Center, and Dr. Mary Erickson, Professor of Art in the School of Art.

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Chicana and Chicano Space presents three thematic, inquiry-based, interdisciplinary units:

Inquiry Learning

The terms "Chicana and Chicano"

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